Wooden Box with 60 Pastel Pencils

  • Schmincke has been manufacturing the best, finest painters’ colors Made in Germany since 1881, and their products are sold in over 60 countries. Watercolors, acrylics, oil colors, pastels, gouache colors, airbrush colors, and more mediums are available.
  • Pastels: A large, dark hardwood box containing 60 of the best pastels, appropriate for many subjects (L x W x H 39 x 29,7 x 3,8 cm). Extensive color palette of chosen vivid and very lightfast colors in a wide range of gradations. For serious pastel painters and as the most elegant gift box possible.
  • Colors: colors included are – 002 O, 003 D, 004 H, 004 D, 010 D, 005 H,005 D, 042 D, 040 D, 041 D, 044 D, 046 D, 044 B, 045 D, 047 D, 013 O, 014 O, 016 O, 035 O, 023 O, 021 O, 032 H, 033 D, 022 D, 036 D, 036 B, 024 B, 045 B, 048 B, 050 D, 091 D, 091 H, 091 M, 064 O, 062 O, 064 M, 062 M, 064 H, 062 D, 063 D, 063 B, 061 B,066 B, 066 D, 059 D, 077 M, 077 D, 077 B, 085 D, 072 B, 070 B, 091 B, 097 D, 098 K, 098 N, 098 O, 001 D, 893 D, 894 D, 910 H
  • Quality: Due to their formula and manufacture-like fabrication, Schmincke’s 400 extra-fine pastels are as delicate as velvet and silk, with a particularly gentle and powerful color application. They have a high concentration of the best artist pigments and a low binder content. High light fastnesses assure longevity, and unique color combinations, as well as specific hues, provide endless artistic possibilities.
  • It’s worth noting that the pastels include just the best artist pigments and no chalk! Because the binder percentage is so low, the medium-fine milled pigments only form a stable binding. Each of the 75 colors has 5 gradations: full tone (D), a black gradation (B), and three white gradations (H, M, O). Versatile application: pure on special pastel paper, mixed media approach, on canvas with Schmincke priming. Pastel paintings should be sealed using a pastel fixative.

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The Schmincke Extra-Soft Pastel Multi-Purpose Set in Wooden Box contains a high concentration of handcrafted, fine ground painters’ pigments. These pastels contain the least amount of binders and the best light fastness. The precise and slow production method ensures constant quality, smoothness, and color. The collection has 60 colors. Produced in Germany.

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