Temperature Control Smart Mug

  • Ember’s one-year limited warranty and 30-day return policy apply solely to Amazon orders “Sold By Ember Technologies” To contact Customer Support, go to Ember’s brand site and select Support.
  • Extended battery life: On a full charge, your drink will stay deliciously hot for up to 1.5 hours (10 oz) or 80 minutes (14 oz) or all day on the charging coaster. Choose your preferred temperature (between 120°F and 145°F).
  • Use with or without an app: The Ember smart mug may be controlled via your smartphone. Set your temperature, modify settings, receive notifications, and more by pairing with the Ember app. Ember Mug also works without an app connection and remembers the last temperature it was used at. The Ember Mug comes pre-set to 135°F.
  • Ember mug intuitively detects when to turn on and off. When the cup is empty or after 2 hours of inactivity, it goes into sleep mode. Ember awakens when it detects movement or fluids.
  • Hand wash only: The new scratch-resistant coating is only suitable for hand washing.

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Ember, The World’s First Temperature Control Mug, is a temperature-control brand and technology platform with the purpose to change the way people eat, drink, and live. Ember, founded by inventor and serial entrepreneur Clay Alexander, builds, designs, and develops temperature-control solutions that allow individuals to completely customize their experience. The Ember Travel Mug and Ember Mug are the most technologically sophisticated coffee mugs on the market, allowing you to select and maintain your chosen sipping temperature for hot beverages.

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