Retired Delta Airlines B747-400 passenger seat

  • Passenger seats from retired B747 are converted for office chair use.
  • The seats were stored in Arizona before being repurposed.
  • Seat is linked to a new quality foundation
  • Two types of completed chairs available: window and aisle chairs
  • Passenger seats show regular wear and tear

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N670US passenger seat converted. The seats were purchased to be used in office chairs and were stored in Arizona. In 2017, serial number 34225 LN 804 was deactivated. This B747 began its career with Northwest Airlines and retired with Delta, logging thousands of hours and millions of miles.


The repurposed seat is linked to a fresh new quality foundation. Depending on my schedule, made-to-order takes two to three weeks. Shipment is faster, however, backlogs have happened.


Window chairs and aisle chairs are the two sorts of completed chairs. The aisle has both armrests that can be lifted and an unfinished industrial edge on both sides. Instead, a window might have an open structure on both sides. If you prefer one over the other, check availability before purchasing.


These passenger seats have been used and show regular wear and tear. These have also been sitting for some time. We make every effort to deliver customers the highest quality chair seats. Nonetheless, there are some signs of wear. Thanks

Own a fantastic piece of history!

Canadian inquiries should ask for a shipping price. The shipping cost is solely for the mainland.

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