Portable Writing Box

A modern writer’s analog box.
Made of genuine walnut wood and vegetable-tanned leather.
Designed to transport analog writing instruments and notebooks. The innovative angled cover lets you to write comfortably while traveling.

  • There are six elastic pen slots.
  • One large elastic pocket notebook holder
  • One pocket-sized elastic notebook holder
  • Upper elastic slots for clips, papers, and rulers
  • The base can accommodate two A5 notebooks, or TN, papers, or documents.
  • A flat-lay A5 notebook fits outside the top cover.
  • 15 degree tilted cover to write comfortably on is seen in the photo.

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Portable Wooden Writing Desk that is one of a kind
When you open this portable writing box, you’ll find that the modest yet large writing slope box has plenty of storage inside for all the equipment a writer needs. Its leather inner includes elastic sections for storing writing tools, fancy pens, inks, notebooks, diaries, and other items. Two wooden prongs lie within the box’s lower half and fold up to hold the top, resulting in a 15-degree tilted cover and writing surface. As a result, the writing box may also function as an antique lap writing desk, allowing you to write wherever and whenever inspiration strikes.
Carry your writing equipment with you everywhere you go, or simply use the writing box to exhibit your prized fountain pen collection. This writing box’s appeal encourages creativity and would make an ideal present for a writer, budding author, poet, calligrapher, or artist.

The writing box is 12.5″ x 10.2″ x 2.7″ on the outside. It’s finished with natural linseed and tung oil and delivered in a sturdy cardboard box.

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