Plein-Aire Painting French Easel

  • Excellent workmanship and a long-lasting rich SoHo finish; makes painting outside a breeze while also removing issues that are sometimes connected with lower-quality Pochade boxes or French easels. Allows you to transport several materials while holding up to six painting panels and adjusting to an unlimited range of angles for painting in oils, watercolors, or pastels.
  • Ideal for transporting a variety of items; Canvases/Panels from 1-1/4″ to 17″ height, any suitable width; Fully adjustable to accommodate a broad range of painting angles.
  • Ample storage space with detachable partitions; For carrying and transporting, there is an easy-to-hold resin handle and a removable cotton shoulder strap. Wet panel storage compartment with easy access; Bottom part can contain up to 6 tiny dry canvas panels or 2 wet canvas panels up to 9″ W x 12″L.
  • Storage container measures 3″ deep x 10″ broad and has three divider sections. The detachable wood palette is integrated and may be used hands-free or handed. It has a magnetic brush holding tray and a paper towel holder.
  • When closed, the box is 12 1/4″ long, 14 3/4″ wide, and 6 1/2″ high. 17 pound weight; universal tripod mount bracket supplied; 90-day guarantee.

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It makes painting outside easy and gets rid of problems that sometimes come with less expensive French easels. Allows you to travel many supplies while holding up to six painting panels and shifting to an infinite number of angles for oil, watercolor, or pastel painting. Fully adjustable to allow for a wide range of painting angles.
Detachable dividers provide ample storage space. There is an easy-to-hold resin handle and a detachable cotton shoulder strap for carrying and transporting. There are three divider portions in the storage container. The included removable wood palette may be utilized hands-free or handled. It contains a paper towel holder and a magnetic brush holding tray.

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