Master Calligraphy Brush Set

  • Chinese brush calligraphy set: Bring to life all the calligraphy art bubbling within with our Chinese writing brush, unique for calligraphy writing style. These sumi brushes will allow you to experiment with all aspects of Chinese calligraphy writing style.
  • Sumi brush set of 18: This Chinese calligraphy set includes 18 calligraphy brushes designed by experienced Chinese calligraphers to meet all of your basic needs. The expressive and detailed nature of Chinese calligraphy inspired the creation of this set.
  • Rosewood & bamboo calligraphy brush: Each brush in this sumi brush kit has a rosewood or bamboo handle. The brush stroke bristles are a goat-pony-badger or goat-pony hair combination for smooth and gentle artistic strokes that are the essence of Chinese calligraphy.
  • Calligraphy brush stand: This writing brush set comes with a varnished wooden rotating brush hanger. This rotatable hanger has been intended to make brush picking and drying easier.
  • Magnetic closing box: Storage of your calligraphy brushes after usage and cleaning has also been considered. This package includes a magnetic closing silk lined box for storage and transit.

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Our Chinese art brushes, created by renowned Chinese calligraphers, explore the intricacies of Chinese calligraphy in language and painting. This calligraphy Chinese brush set is composed of high-quality materials. For smooth and fine strokes, our sumi calligraphy brushes include rosewood or bamboo handles and bristles made of goat-pony-badger or goat-pony hair blend.

Included in our bamboo sumi brush set: A rotating hanger and a magnetic closure box measuring 19″ x 9″ x 7″.

About us: Jerry Goldstein launched Jerry’s Artarama in Long Island, New York in 1968, and was the first to offer discounted art materials to area artists. Jerry’s Artarama offers educational seminars, free online video art tutorials, and art supply demos in addition to painting equipment and supplies. They also provide art scholarships to aspiring artists.

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