Magna Carta Replica Translated in English

  • Glossy Prestige Mahogany Premium Wood Moulding with Gold Accents
  • “The Magna Carta” is gold embossed on a single black matted sheet.
  • King John’s seal on the Magna Carta in gold.
  • The Magna Carta Frame is approximately 20W x 21H.
  • The print size is approximately 13.5W x 14H.
  • The text is extremely small and can only be read with a magnifying lens. The documents are for decorative purposes only. Backboard and pH balance matboards are included to help preserve and protect documents, glass, and hanging hardware.
  • If you live in one of the 48 states, it will be sent by FedEx (excluding HI, AK, APO) Ready to be hung!

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Excellent gift for lawyers, attorneys, judges, paralegals, juris doctorates, and law school grads. We capture and show the Magna Carta reproduction with its amazing beauty. The Magna Carta was made into the law of the nation. When the Founding Fathers created the constitution, they used the Magna Carta as a model. All papers are recreated on particularly fine paper with a mottled finish and varying surface akin to historical documents. The documents are made with cellulose fibers and sulfuric acid to mimic the look and feel of the original. Furthermore, they are treated with sulphite pulp to give them a “old-antiqued” appearance.

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