Lady Scales of Justice Statue

  • Made with high-quality resin and sculpted by master sculptors using premium cold-cast bronze. Hand-painted in bronze with color accents for a high-quality look without sacrificing details.
  • A beautiful representation: a statue of Lady Justice with her eyes covered, holding a sword and a scale while stepping on a snake. She balances the sword below the scales to demonstrate that in a legal proceeding, punishment comes last and evidence is weighed according to its merit. The snake represents evil and lies, while the book symbolizes the law, the constitution from which justice is delivered.
  • Collectible—amazing décor for your house, office, library, or workplace. Scales are removable and include a screw-on top for attachment to the hand.
  • A unique gift that comes in a beautiful gift box and is ready for any event. Ideal for friends or family studying or pursuing a legal career, or for individuals who strongly believe in justice. This sculpture may also be used as a bookend, keeping books vertically ordered and in place so they don’t topple over.
  • Warranty – No hassle returns and no risk buying. Within 30 days, we will accept full responsibility for any quality issues. If there were any delivery-related damages, we would be responsible for the costs.

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This Lady of Justice Statue is unique. It’s made of resin and has a striking vintage look. This statue’s attractive detailing and graceful folds only add to its overall appearance. This masterpiece is a testimony to outstanding craftsmanship. The blindfold, sword, and balancing scale show that she will always give fair justice without any partiality.

Great idea for a graduation gift, and it looks great in any law office.

Dimensions: 4” *5” *10” (11×13.5x26cm)

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