Lady of Justice Scale oil painting

  • Justice Wall Art
  • Hand Painted
  • Oil Painting on Canvas
  • Painter: La Viola
  • Materials: Surface: Stretched canvas
  • Painting Contemporary Art
  • Worldwide free shipping

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  • New Original (Hand Painted) Oil Painting on Canvas
  • Textured, Thick Layered, Contemporary, Abstract Style
  • Worldwide express shipping takes 10 to 16 days.
  • Worldwide free shipping.
  • The artwork has an Additional 2 – 3 inch border around it for stretching.
  • Regarding import taxes to the US, original works of art (i.e. paintings, drawings, pastels, collages and ornamental plaques) with or without their frames are duty-free under Chapter 97 in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS).



  • Stretched: A canvas painting stretched on a wooden frame (ready to hang) and wrapped in a gift box.
  • Un-stretched: The paintings will be supplied un-stretched and rolled in a tube to preserve them during delivery. Paintings are easy to frame at any art or framing store near you.



  • I will complete your artwork within 3-5 days after receiving your order.
  • I’ll email the photo to you.
  • You will say what you want.
  • I will only send you the artwork if you are fully happy with it.
  • Refunds are available for 30 days.


I appreciate your comments – please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at any time!!!



  • Initially, a proper quantity of acrylic and oil is combined before being blended at a fast speed to maintain the mixture wet.
  • The mix is then poured in a unique handcrafted tube to form threads, which are finally dropped onto the canvas surface.
  • Because the artwork includes several levels, the procedures above must be performed for each layer and color.
  • Lastly, each stage should be finished as fast as possible to avoid drying out the mixture.
  • All of these elements work together to create each artwork unique and appear to be stitched by cotton, which is not the same as the other.
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