Heavy Duty High Output Pepper Mill

  • Faster than top-rated pepper mills by up to ten times.
  • Instead of 70 cranks, pepper your steak in 7 cranks.
  • The grind range is quite broad, ranging from cracked pepper to powder.
  • Drive Shaft with Oversized Bearing Support and High Carbon Stainless Steel Burrs
  • Quick-release top for simple refilling.
  • Never-Slip Adjuster and Superior Grind Range Consistency
  • Storage Base Cup & One-Handed Peppering
  • Solid milled and anodized aluminum body for heavy duty.

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The Pepper Cannon is designed for pepper enthusiasts, and it may be overkill for those who have never been disappointed with the output, grind range, grind uniformity, adjustability, laborious refilling, or build quality of regular pepper mills. The Pepper Cannon is more costly than standard mills since standard mills are usual. Common pepper mills aren’t made from solid metal pieces. They do not have bearing-supported high carbon stainless steel burr sets that are powered by an enlarged stainless steel driving shaft. When deciding on the ideal pepper mill for you, keep in mind that if you prefer prolonged cranking to generate a small amount of irregularly ground pepper, the pepper cannon may not be the pepper mill for you. The Pepper Cannon may not be the pepper mill for you if you enjoy the smell of burning plastic, the sensation of wood splinters, and/or laying on dirty kitchen floors to retrieve those little adjuster nuts that get dropped and roll under the fridge when you have the audacity to attempt a pepper grinder refill. If you find stale pre-ground pepper of dubious origin stored in transparent pepper shakers in direct sunlight since two presidents ago too spicy, the Pepper Cannon may not be the pepper grinder for you. If you like pepper (or know someone who does), the Pepper Cannon is for you.

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