Goddess of Justice Statue

  • Perfect for displaying at your office, workplace, courthouses, law offices, and legal educational institutions.
  • Beautiful and durable, with a natural marble base and 100% high-quality bronze casting. Bronze is the most often used metal for casting metal sculptures. Please do not make comparisons with low-cost resin items.
  • The magnificent sculpture is finished after 32 steps of the classic lost wax hot casting method and meticulous polishing by expert copper carving artists.
  • It may be used to decorate your house, workplace, or store; it can be placed anyplace in the living room, bedroom, or workstation, for example. It will be a fantastic surprise for your family, partner, or friend during key events or occasions.
  • Tightly packed, priority shipping by international express, generally comes within a week. If you have any questions, please contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We are proud and grateful to be a “customer-trusted brand.” We have been providing high-quality items to clients for 32 years and will continue to do so.
  • Dimensions: 19.5″H * 5″W * 9.5″D, Weight: 9.2 LB.

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Lady Justice, a blindfolded lady holding a sword and a set of scales, is a prominent emblem on American courthouses and in certain courtrooms. She represents the administration of the law in a fair and equitable manner, free of corruption, favor, avarice, or prejudice.

  • Scales: The scales reflect the weighing of evidence, which she uses to determine the strength of a case’s support and opposition.
  • The blindfold represents objectivity and impartiality, implying that justice should be administered without regard for money, riches, or power.
  • Sword: This symbol represents punishment, implying that justice may be quick and final.
  • Toga: This Greco-Roman robe represents the philosophical attitude that epitomizes justice.
  • The snake beneath her feet denotes evil and deception.
  • The book is the rule of law, the constitution upon which justice is based.
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