Fireman Pipe Robot Lamp

  • The Retro Industrial Robot Table Lamps are constructed of galvanized iron, high-temperature baking paint, high-quality copper wire cables, and plugs, and are fashionable and elegant, as well as retro and safe to use. It’s a great touch that always draws attention.
  • Let’s have a party! Do you want a glass of whiskey? Can you tell if it’s a whiskey dispenser? Put it on your table during a gathering; it will surely spark everyone’s interest! It not only allows you to pour a smooth drink of whiskey, but it also serves as a distinctive tabletop decor.
  • Professional grade stainless steel; Ideal for home minibar décor and a man cave.
  • The vintage Robot form design will provide a new retro and trendy vibe to your party or home, while also bringing a lot of fun. It may be used as a desk lamp for studying, reading, or illuminating corridors and gardens.

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Handcrafted Firefighter Industrial Whiskey Dispenser with Edison Lamp

This Firefighter is completely handcrafted and has a soul. This little pipe-man is prepared to put out any fiery situations.


  • It can be used as decoration.
  • Both the whiskey and the glass are not included.
  • The bulb is included.
  • Dimensions: 6″x9.4″x8″  (37x24x20cm)
  • Alcohol does not react with brass.
  • To lock normal-sized bottles, use one puller component; to secure miniature bottles, use both puller pieces.
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