8 inch Hand-Forged Japanese Gyuto Chef Knife

  • Top handmade crafts. Gyuto chef’s knife was created by a skilled and well-known Japanese knife craftsman. Forged in premium 440C Damascus steel with seven layers of laminated steel utilizing the Japanese samurai sword forging technology. A chef’s knife with great toughness and hardness required 5 months to forge.
  • Knife handle in burl wood. A unique professional chef knife handle is made from precious maple wood with a lengthy natural burl. The ergonomically constructed tang type handle gives superb hand control and ideal balance, resulting in the ultimate cleaver kitchen knife.
  • Details of a japan chef’s knife The chef’s knife is 8 inches (207 mm) long, with a 5.12-inch handle and a hardness of 602 HRC. A high-grade 2.2mm blade chef’s knife is created by combining a magnificent curved design and top-quality craftsmanship; it captures the moment when fruits reach their perfect ripeness, vegetables are in their greatest condition, or meat is at its most delicious.
  • Collection of high artistic value. Top-grade hand-forged art chef’s knives mix a variety of precious components that are both collectible and functional. Every home cook and professional chef looks forward to utilizing chef’s knives that are both beautiful and practical. And, with the unique sandalwood sheath and gift box, we feel this is the ideal holiday present for your cherished friends and family.
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The form of a Japanese samurai sword is combined with the lightweight construction of a Western-style chef’s knife for improved durability, refined cutting ability, and ease of rocking, chopping, slicing, and dicing. Sharpened and forged by famous Japanese knifemakers; results in a 2.2mm 440C Damascus steel blade with a hardness of 602 HRC; enhances sharpness, thinness, edge retention, greater strength, and rust resistance.

The professional Gyuto chef’s knife is ideal for most common culinary duties, such as cutting to preserve ripe fruits and vegetables or cutting meat and sushi at the most delectable times. Very skilled in cutting and distributing boneless meats, particularly fish; also capable of cutting cooked proteins with ease and elegance. You may enjoy cooking with the unique Damascus hand-forged grain and maple wood handles.

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